Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa

M/s Lavasa Corporation Ltd.
Lavasa, India
1,12,000 sq.ft


The Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa is a collabaration with the premium institution, “Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne” which was the first Hotel school in the world, founded in 1893 at a time when Switzerland was experiencing an unprecedented boom in tourism and there was an urgent need for skilled and professional personnel at every level. This facility is being constructed in the new hill station of Dasve Valley, Lavasa, having proximity to Pune & Mumbai city. The institute in its first phase comprises of an academic building with facilities including class rooms, auditoriums, restaurants, kitchens etc. In the second phase, a hostel block is proposed with 300 rooms. From the beginning, the school has emphasized the technique as well as the culture of hospitality; the mixture of tangible and intangible elements that make up this unique industry. The architecture tries to embody the rich tradition of this school along with the dynamic nature of this industry, reinterpreting its heritage for each new generation. While the interior spaces are fluid, contemporary and adaptive to change, the exterior is an attempt to retain some of the heritage of the school with the aesthetics having a resemblance of colonial India’s hill stations.